Greenwill Herong is located in Banhu Lake Industrial Park surrounded by beautiful scenery. The factory is located conveniently near Yancheng City in Central Jiangsu,China.

Greenwill is a stationery manufacturer and brand service provider supporting the combination of product development, manufacturing and sales. Our company core competencies include the production of Environmentally friendly erasers and diversified products. Greenwill’s reach is in the international scope providing diversification and professional service.

With close to 20 years of professional experience in the stationary industry, GW-Greenwill brand has become synonymous as a high-quality Chinese environmentally friendly eraser brand.

We are proud of our large showroom featuring a variety of product series to showcase the development and quality of Greenwill Erasers. Our products benefit from our experienced staff whose expertise of the newest technology and product innovations keep us on the cutting edge of development. Greenwill promotes the optimization of resources and the combination of our core competence, to enhance the brand and to lead in the market trend.

Our product success in the market place have launched Greenwill as the market leader. We are proud of the respect earned from our competitors. The success of our Microphone Eraser Sharpeners, Lipstick Erasers, Painted Eggshell Series and Pebbles Series in Asia, Europe, North and South America, have created a major market demand.

All of the eraser product molds independently created at Greenwill hold patents. Greenwill has become the benchmark in eraser production by utilizing high-precision abrasives, complex extrusion and injection molding process and stable product quality, it has become the industrial benchmark. Through the cross-regional cooperation with industrial designers and graphic designers from Germany, France, South Korea and Taiwan, it has become an important enterprise to build an international development team.

Focusing on Product Innovations Greenwill has developed many partnerships with international brand leaders. These factory customer relationships have had significant impact on the international product market.

Each production step is strictly managed and controlled. With the development of automatic and semi-automatic machines, R &D of the machines & equipment, we ensure the stability of large production runs as well as production accuracy and perfect quality.

Through the continuous improvement process, each process detail is controlled strictly by the QC Department. Our high-quality products are recognized by domestic and overseas customers. Successful relationships with our customers has created brand influence in the market. Greenwill has become one of the most trustworthy production enterprises in the industry.

Greenwill actively undertakes social responsibility, focusing on the production of safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly TPR Erasers. The raw materials are all from world-class brand manufacturers. The Mission Statement at Greenwill is to Benefit People, Love Life and create Harmony within our business.

It is strictly required that all raw materials shall fall in line with the European safety testing standards and the most stringent formula testing standards of Duke University, including 169 ones such as EN71-1/2/3/9, REACH, PAHS, CHCC, 6P NP and ASTM-D-4236.

Employees are our most valuable asset in enterprise. Greenwill employees are provided with a platform to realize their own values, within a healthy, safe and comfortable working environment. Greenwill prides itself as a company based on the “people-oriented spirit”

All workshops are equipped with good ventilation and air conditioning. We have a basketball court, gym and a rose garden to offer relaxation and socialization. Our “people-oriented concept”, allows employees to constantly grow with a sense of happiness in the company.

Our customers are from all over the world, including some world-class brands PAPERMATE, BIC, MAPED, TARGET, DISNEY and FILA. Due to the long-term strategic cooperation based on trust, and a stable cooperative relationship of more than 15 years, Greenwill always stands in the forefront of the international market.

With the success of our international-class erasers, core competence, corporate culture, a good social image. and to meet the demand of key customers in the stationary category, Greenwill has gradually developed pencil sharpeners, pens, stationery kits and painting material products maintaining the production of erasers at its core.

As Greenwill expands its line of diversified products, developing a competitive edge we grow our distribution in domestic and foreign markets. Greenwill is committed to becoming the most professional stationery manufacturer and service provider producing environmentally friendly erasers and diversified products in the stationary industry.

It is our delight to welcome friends coming from afar. We warmly invite your input and guidance. High-quality products and high-quality services are the vitality of enterprise development. We look forward to working together in cooperation of successful and meaningful business.

Tinlong brand was officially established in 2013.

With more than 10 years of manufacturing and trading experience in writing instruments, we continue to expand the stationery category with Tinlong a brand of innovative, practical, beautiful and high-quality products for users.

We are gradually integrating advantageous resources by providing a one-stop supply chain solution. Beginning with product design and development, raw material procurement, production management, quality control, logistics and distribution. We are developing the most convenient and professional, factory offering optimal cost and diverse category of stationery goods procurement service platform, leading the market.

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