Core Advantages:

Rich product categories:

Through many years’ of accumulation, based on the independent product development, we also integrate the core quality products resources in the industry, providing a wealth of procurement platform for customers to choose, which greatly helps improve the procurement efficiency. The company’s brands ‘Tinlong’ also gradually enhance the influence in the market.

Quality Advantage:

We focus on providing customers with stable middle-high end quality products. At the same time, according to the different market demands, we can provide personalized raw material combination to reach the target price. Through the menu mode, most of the customers will get satisfied with the appropriate quality products.

Price Advantage:

We do not join price competition, because there is always a lower price appears. Our goal is to provide the most optimized procurement option for customers with quality products in the selection of supply chain, so as to reduce procurement costs.

Communication Advantage:

We have the staffs with more than 30 years experience in production management and more than 10 years in foreign trade management, familiar with the stationery market and owns the cooperation experience with the well-known multinational enterprises. So we can reduce the communication cost and improve the efficiency through a deep understanding of customer needs.

Product design and development advantage:

After many years of industry resources accumulation, at present, our product design and development team cohere as an international team, with the elites from China, Germany, Japan and Korea, including the senior German stylist who won the Reddot Design Awards, the senior Korea modeling designer with more than 20 years in stationery industry, the very professional brand and packaging graphic expert who worked for a number of well-known enterprises in Japan. Good intentions of every kind of product deve- lopment and design, this is the best for our customer returns.

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