Outstanding Points Of GW.

High Quality & Non Toxic Product

Using only the highest quality and non toxic materials and by following the strictest international safety standards Greenwill provides approved & well-designed products to our customers. We proudly invite you to learn what we do to ensure the high quality of products available from Greenwill.

The Best Price

Our factory is conveniently located at the industrial area in Jiangsu Province, China. This provides the foundation for our high efficiencies and low cost manufacturing power sources.

We always employ the newest technology to improve our manufacturing process to reduce our cost. The cost reductions and savings are then passed to our customers. This is part of our strategy to provide top quality products matching the most stringent international testing standards with very competitive pricing.

Corporate Philosophy

We design and develop new erasers and writing instruments with customer experience as our leading strategy. Understanding the end user helps build a partnership with our customers. Manufacturing products with the best functions, current trends, and maximized safety, creating results that will be exciting for Retail and generate sustainable high profit for our partners.

Innovative & Continuous New Product Development

Developing cross regional cooperation with Modeling & Graphic Designers from Germany, South Korea and Taiwan Greenwill has established an international development team. This multi-national team has allowed Greenwill a competitive edge in developing our product categories.

One-Stop Product Procurement Solution

Aside from the large selection of eraser and writing instruments we manufacture, Greenwill also offers additional ranges of stationery products for school and office. Our broad selection of products includes drafting tools, stick glue, desk accessories, sticky notes, scissors, staplers and the ability to develop Private Label Brands.

Utilizing one vendor/factory for a broad range of products will facilitate lower costs, consolidated freight, larger margins and less time on logistics.

Greenwill Customer Support Systems

We are not merely a manufacturer, we are a long-term business partner.

Greenwill Supports Relationships

  • -building product categories,
  • -supporting operations and logistics
  • -supplying market research
  • -cost and profit projection
  • -custom design
  • -support post selling season
  • Greenwill prides itself on offering a factory partnership to grow and ensure your success.

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